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Gutter Screens - BUYER BEWARE!!!

Gutter Screens DO NOT work as well as advertised....

Gutter Screen Ads are all over social media, television commercials, nextdoor neighborhood app etc. etc. etc. Have you been tempted to purchase these or place these on your home? You may want to think twice about that decision. Here are pictures from Gutter Cleanings in Normal, IL. Gutter screens are great in theory, but when they are on your house and off of the shelf from your local big box store this is what you get. Gutters are meant to be open and clear and free flowing. All the areas in these pictures cause water to pour over your gutters and into your foundation. All of this debris sitting here gets wet and creates mold, mildew, mosquito nesting spots and rots out your roof in these areas. Routine gutter cleanings can stop all of these problems. DO NOT fall into the trap of purchasing these or adding these to your home. Gutter cleanings by Rhodes Gutter Service are affordable and will keep you from paying for expensive damages caused by junky gutter screens. Give Rhodes Gutter Service a call today for your gutter cleaning.

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