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Water In my gutters??

Did you happen to look out a window and see standing water in your gutter? Why is it there? The standing water in your gutter is there because you have clogged downspout at the other end. This blockage causes the entire gutter to fill up with water because the downspout needs cleaned or disassembled to remove the blockage. This water is home to all kinds of bacteria and sitting stagnate like this creates a mosquito breeding pool. This gutter will overflow during every rainstorm and start to rot out your roof sheeting. The water will overflow and run down into your foundation and or may cause ceiling rings inside the home from water getting under the shingles.  Call Rhodes Gutter Service today for a free gutter cleaning estimate today!

Gutter Cleaning Normal, IL

This property was done in normal, il. Even though this property does not have mature trees on the actual property itself, the neighboring trees still find a way to fill the gutters with leaves, maple seeds and shingle grit. All gutters and downspouts plus roof debris is cleared off with our cleanings.  

Maple Seed Madness

As you can see by this picture maple seeds fill your gutters and stay below the rim. From a ground view looking up you would never know these gutters are filled to the rim with maple seeds. This happens every spring and if they are not cleaned out, they will sit there all fall as well. Gutters this full will cause overflowing and in return will cause foundation damage and cracks, flooded basements, mosquito breeding grounds and damage to your roof sheeting causing soft spots or rotted out roofing sections. this is why cleaning your gutters and downspouts is so important.